TOKYO With little green space and grey concrete buildings sprawling out into the horizon, foreigners may be forgiven for thinking that Osaka is Tokyo's less-attractive sister.

Contrary to expectation, however, there are many unique points to this city that gives it its charming character: the street food is culturally distinctive and popular all over Japan; there is a large Korean-Japanese community; and, most importantly, the locals are widely considered to be some of the friendliest in the country!

Regional features

Osaka map

・Kita area
Northern downtown of Osaka. At the forefront of modern Osaka.
・Minami area
Southern downtown of Osaka.One of the hottest area at the moment, to have fun amongest the locals.
・Bay area
New districts built on man-made islands.
・North area
Toyonaka City, Suita, Settsu City, Ikeda City, Minoo City, Ibaraki City, Takatsuki City, Shimamoto Town, Toyono Town, Nose Town.
・South area
Osaka Prefecture other than Osaka City,Northern Osaka and Eastern Osaka.
・East area
Moriguchi City, Hirakata City, Yao City, Neyagawa City, Daito City, Kashiwara City, Kadoma City, Higashi Osaka City, Shijonawate City and Katano City.

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