Renting accommodation in Japan

Finding a place to live in Japan can be tricky—not only do you have to pay the usual rent and deposit, but you also may have to find a joint guarantor who is willing to vouch for you should you not make your payments. On top of this, you may even need to pay other fees which will not be returned to you later, such as 'key money'—an obligatory 'thank you' that goes to the landlord—and the usual estate agent fees. Most people tend to go through estate agents rather than finding a landlord directly.

Except for the lucky few whose company pays for their accommodation fees, the majority of foreigners live in what's known as a "gaijin house"—dormitory-style housing which normally doesn't require a joint guarantor or key money.

Japanese houses and apartments are much smaller than the ones in the west. They are referred to using variations of the acronym "LDK"—meaning 'Living room', 'Dining room', 'Kitchen'—which describes the number of rooms in the property. A "2LDK", for example, is an apartment with two bedrooms, one living room, one dining room and one kitchen and is often marketed for couples with a young child. A "1DK" has one bedroom and a combined kitchen-dining room, leaving little place to put larger furniture such as a sofa.

When living in a Japanese apartment in Tokyo, it is generally a good idea to use the space as effectively as possible. It is recommended that you store your belongings neatly and furnish with compact furniture and appliances, such as a washing machine, microwave cooker, TV, and so on.

Our tips:

1) Spend some client entertainments and secure business – they are mostly tax deductible – up to 8 million yen.
2) Make sure cost per head will not exceed the limitation of 5,000 yen.
3) Make sure to receive a proper receipt and Keep details of participants.

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