TOKYO Tokyo, with a population of 13 million in the metropolitan area alone, offers a wealth of opportunities for foreign business people.

Tokyo’s population density is much higher than that of most European and American cities. Shops and restaurants extend onto multiple floors of buildings and people tend to eat out and shop more than the average Western consumer.

Central Tokyo is the home of Japanese politics, economy and culture. A scheme to move some of these functions to Osaka has not been successful. As a result, the neighbouring city of Yokohama now has a population greater than Osaka’s was in the 1980s.

Tokyo is probably the only place where particular neighbourhoods are associated with distinctive sub-cultures, such as anime and manga, music and youth fashion.

Recreation & Lifestyle

  • The Australia Society Tokyo
    Social club for Australians that holds various get-togethers throughout the year.
  • Hachioji International Friendship Club
    Social club open to people of any nationality that offers Japanese language classes, cultural exchange events, life consulting and other activities.
  • HandsOn Tokyo
    Tokyo chapter of the international volunteer organisation.
  • International Computer Association(ICA)
    Organisation open to IT professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and financial specialists living in Japan, they run monthly events and seminars to network and exchange information.
  • Nagomi Visit
    Non-profit organization that “promotes cultural understanding through home cooking”. Participants are invited to a local Japanese person’s house where they get to know each other over a home-cooked meal.
  • Narita International Friendship Society
    Social group that runs various activities and events where members can get to know each other.
  • New Parent’s Connecting
    Open group where parents with children aged 0-3 can meet with other parents for support and take part in parent-child programs.
  • Nihonbashi Century Toastmaster’s Club
    Toastmasters club where members can develop their speaking and leadership skills through giving presentations and other speaking-based assignments.
  • Tokyo Exchange Circle
    Social network that organises meetups and events for the purpose of making friends and learning about other cultures.
  • Tokyo Extreme Weekenders
    Social group for people who want to participate in adventure and outdoor activities on weekends while making friends at the same time.
  • Tokyo Goanna’s
    Non-profit football club whose purpose is to promote Australian football and Australian football culture in Japan. They also organise various social activities outside of training.
  • Tokyo International Club
    Social club that organises parties for foreign people living in Tokyo.
  • Tokyo Rainbow English Speaking Society (TRESS)
    Shinjuku-based LBGT group that holds monthly gatherings to discuss topical issues in English.
  • WaNavi Japan
    Non-profit organisation whose purpose is to provide foreigners with practical information on how to live comfortably in Japan, including how to get by without a high level of Japanese proficiency. They also run various workshops on these themes.

Regional features

Tokyo map

・Metropolitan center and sub-center areas
Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shinjuku, Bunkyo, Shibuya, Toshima.
・Joto area
Taito, Sumida, Arakawa, Adachi, Katsushika, Koto, Edogawa.
・Jonan area
Shinagawa, Ota, Meguro.
・Josai area
Setagaya, Nakano, Suginami, Nerima.
・Johoku area
Kita, Itabashi.
・Tama area
Mitaka, Chofu, Koganei, Fuchu, Musashino, Komae, Higashimurayama, Kodaira, Kokubunji, Kunitachi, Higashiyamato, Kiyose, Higashikurume, Musashimurayama, Nishitokyo, Tachikawa, Akishima, Hachiouji, Hino, Machida, Tama, Inagi, Oume, Hinode, Hamura, Akiruno, Mizuho, Fussa, Hinohara, Okutama.

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