Japan BiZ Guide Open!: A Message to Our Readers

A Message to Our Readers

Welcome to Japan BiZ Guide—the go-to website for business-minded people looking to connect with Japan!

Do you want to start up a business in Japan but don’t know where to begin? Or are you a business professional looking to connect with a Japanese business partner? Or maybe you’re from a country with unique food or crafts and are keen to bring a part of your culture to Japan?

Whatever your plan is, Japan BiZ Guide aims to give you the information and connections you need to put it into action. This site may be in the early stages at the moment, but we have several exciting projects in the pipeline for you to look forward to:

— Newsletters
— A downloadable Digital Information Guide
— A business-matching function, helping you to find a business partner in Japan
— Networking events to be held in London and Tokyo

Make sure to keep checking back as we add more features to this site.

Watch this space!

The Japan Biz Team